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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Lemon. On the Edge.

The stupid comments are doing that stupid thing where they stupid insinuate themselves on every stupid entry. Ugh.

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Oh, soy boy.

Everyone hates summer. Why does everyone hate summer? you ask. Well. It seems that it's hard to see people in the summer time. Or, if you're ubermenchin, school is just too freakin' easy for you and you like the fact that you do nothing and reap oddly placed rewards. I hate school, and now that I can drive I'm seeing my friends far more often than I was during the school year. But I hate summer. I hate it. It hates me. Summer and I are not cool.
I am so bored. Man. I am so bored. I'm working, so I have something to do during the day, and I'm taking semi-interesting philosophy classes and I'm reading a lot. Seeing a lot of movies. So what else is there to do? Why is it that I find myself going out and driving because there's nothing else to do?
Anyway. Maybe I should just read more. It seems to me (and my mother and my father and my brother) that books solve everything.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Silence as I approach the podium.

So I went to my first college party last weekend. Not my first, first. I guess not even my first, because I have an older brother and because most of my friends are quite a bit older than me. It was my first UC Santa Cruz party, though. I was asked the best question that I've ever been asked at this party, and so now I pose it to the general public:
Who is the hawttest literary figure?
The top three answers in no particular order are:
1. Holden Caulfield
2. "That guy from 'Great Expectations'."
3. Hamlet
I can't wait for college.

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With a bullet.

The return of a classic. My name is Jane Quigley. "Q" if you don't know me at all and want to make up a nickname. I have blogged the crap out of it before, but I have never had the self-discipline to keep writing. Or maybe I just don't have anything interesting to say. But, hey, that doesn't stop 99.9% of people who blog it from blogging it. So just you try to stop me.
I'm not advertising, so I'm not sure anyone at all will read this, but I still feel I should give a brief overview of how I expect this blog to go. Um. Okay. I don't really have an answer for that, myself. It'll be something like I write my opinions, and very rarely speak of my day. I will say things that interest me, and tell you to be interested in those things as well. I might write (ugh) poetry, sometimes, but not very often. Actually, the reason I decided to start blogging again was because that way I can never lose the stuff that I actually like.
And with that, I will promise to write more later.

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